Kids love chess!

Our chess programs foster an exciting environment for having fun while learning valuable thinking skills.

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Why Chess?

Chess is a fun, engaging game that kids love to play! People with skills in chess are ready to conquer complex problems in the personal lives and futures careers. Learning chess improves your ability to think rationally, helps develop patience and thoughtfulness, increases cognitive skills, and much more.

In our program, we’ve seen firsthand students work hard, concentrate, and commit to develop innovative strategies in the game while developing a competitive yet sportsmanlike spirit. This all happens while they have a great time having fun in the class.

Critical Thinking

Every game of chess is a puzzle. Playing the game requires students to exercise their problem solving abilities on-the-fly, be patient, and think creatively.

Better Grades

Chess has been studied to be correlated with higher academic achievement, particularly in mathematics and other STEM fields.

Life Skills

Practicing chess forces kids to control their impulses, plan ahead, delay gratification, and be responsible for their actions.


Every move has a consequence, and considering how your opponent will react to every move builds up your strategic thinking abilities.

NEW! Online Learning

Due to the effects of COVID-19, we are proud to introduce online learning as an option for students this year. You can find out more on our dedicated online learning page in the menu above.

After School Program

The after school program has been reviewed and refined for over 12 years, and it effectively serves over 400 kids each semester. Students walk out having furthered their knowledge of chess in a fun and innovative way without ever leaving campus. Enrichment Chess operates in many public schools across the cities of Plano, Frisco, Richardson, and McKinney.

Chess Camps

Enrichment Chess camps are an immersive and intense week-long program where students sharpen chess skills and practice their understanding with other students. We are proud to offer camps at Plano Sports Authority.


See our innovative classes in action! Click below to watch videos of our students - we suggest starting with “What is Enrichment Chess?”

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