November 13, 2012

“Camryn, I want to play to see why you’re losing chess games against these boys”. That’s my chess teacher, Mr Ken said to me when he thought my chess playing was getting worse. The Chess game he played with me really helped me.

After I lost 2 or 3 games, Mr.Ken was worried about my Chess playing.  He gave me lots and lots of tips about moving pieces in front of pieces and developing pieces that improved my Chess playing. The tips really helped me.

Mr. Ken also helped me by telling me the smart and not so smart moves. When the game was over, he explained to me why I lost, which was improving my Chess playing. After we played the game, I won a lot more games.

When the day was over, I felt like I knew everything about Chess. Without Mr. Ken’s help, I would have lost every Chess game I’ve ever played. I will never forget the Chess game he played with me.

Camryn M. (Plano, Texas)

September 2011

Hi Diana,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the after school chess program!
My son, L…., started to join the chess program. He is absolutely fascinated with the game. At the begin of the week he tells me already that he can not wait until the next “chess-day”. This means a BIG compliment to the chess teacher he has! My son is not very “easy-going” all the time, and has trouble to focus at certain tasks.
With chess – he discovered his new love. I am really VERY happy about that. Kudos to the teacher he has!
Homework is usually not his favorite task; and it takes us a while to finish. This is a completely different story with the chess homework.
When L. came home last week, I noticed that he had already the homework sheet 5 included (queen movements). We just did the homework sheets 2 and 3, since these have the figures he already knows and disregarded sheet 5. I hope this is ok with you or his teacher. We will keep sheet 5 until he knows how to move the queen.
Thank you so much!
M. (Plano, Texas)