2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Ticket Prices
Early Bird ($10 off discount)$188.00
Registration fee $198.00
Late Registration ($15 applies)$213.00






Fall 2015

Open to 1st – 5th grade

Wednesday 2:45 -4pm

9/23 – 12/9

No Classes: 11/25

Registration Fee $198 (Deadline 9/18)

$10 OFF Early Bird $188 (Deadline 9/11)

$15 OFF Sibling Discount

$15 Late Fee applies on or after 9/19

* The student’s skill level will be evaluated on the first day of class and they will be placed in a group with other students at their level. Later in the course they might also be moved to a different group depending on their development as chess players.