Why teach chess to kids? – you may ask. Chess makes creative problem solving into an enjoyable and stimulating game. Countless studies over the last 30 years have shown that test scores, self confidence, concentration, and outside the box thinking, increase after children are exposed to the game of Chess. 
In this age of video game mentality, we teach children to think with their brains…instead of their hands, and in doing so, they develop a deductive reasoning prowess that is unparalleled. Children are taught to focus their attention on a multitudinous number of both complex and simple strategies and tactics, which make them develop their ability to “observe” and not just to “see”. When children “visualize” sequences of actions that have not yet taken place, they learn to think first and act second. Over time, Chess helps develop patience and thoughtfulness before the implementation of “their plan”. 
 There are many other benefits that will be instilled into each and every child in the class. Children will be shown to weigh options and not just take the “good or better ones”, but to discern those which are “best.” What better way is there to learn and make alternative choices than by using logic instead of impulse? Analysis, abstract thinking, planning and long range goals, are all indigenous to the construct of juggling multiple considerations simultaneously, thus giving the child the option of weighing various factors all at once. 
 Sounds like this might be a good way to develop life skills that may make it easier to cope with the vicissitudes of the world we all live in! The Beauty of Chess is that it is a teaching tool that stimulates children’s minds and helps them build the above mentioned skills while enjoying themselves and giving them the confidence to tackle any obstacle that presents itself. As a result, children become more critical thinkers, better problem solvers, and more independent decision makers, than they ever dreamed possible. 
 We hope the above has given you an insight into the machinations of Chess. Please call or e-mail us with any comments or questions that you may have about our summer programs.