How does a Chess Program make a difference? We teach your child the history of the game from a perspective that will both motivate and stimulate interest in this amazing game. Next, we will teach terminology and examples of said terminology involving everything from a Fianchetto bishop to a discovered check. This is necessary to develop cognitive short and long term memory functions.

After this is done, several lessons on tactics and strategies will be given so as to implement the nuances that have just been learned, and spark the immergence of critical thinking modalities.

There will be NO notation. In our opinion, notation tends to detract from the basic premise of Chess, which is to think with one’s mind and not with one’s hands. While children are writing, they are not thinking, and without thought there can be no creativity. At each session, there will be outside the box puzzles that we have created from time to time and have proven to be excellent in developing children’s minds. These puzzles will also reinforce the principles mentioned above.

The purpose of our classes is not to prepare children for tournament play, but rather to develop critical thinking skills and an outside the box mentality that we feel is imperative for a child’s growth in the increasingly complex world wherein we live. We will strive for enhanced mental discipline, in order to rein in a child’s impulsivity, and thereby hope to foster and nurture the analytical thinking skills, which all children possess. All the while, we will have a fun learning experience!