New Chess Coloring Book for Children!

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This amazing Chess Coloring Book will help your child  learn Chess and have fun coloring at the same time. This is an educational book where your child will learn the basics of the game. This book includes word searches, connect the dots, and more, all in 32 pages of fun!

Chess improves logic, concentration, and focus, but also helps kids realize the consequences of their actions. “If you don’t pay attention in school, you might not see the consequences right away,” says Tom Brownscombe, the scholastic director of the U.S. Chess Federation. “If you lose your queen, it forces you to pay attention.” Read the full article here.

Coloring is fun for children and it allows them to be creative. Coloring also has great benefits for developing coordination, grip, and strength. By observing coloring, teachers and parents can determine a child’s handwriting readiness. Things to look for to help determine a child’s handwriting readiness are: Attention, crayon grip, posture/strength/endurance. So, why not combine all the benefits of coloring with the amazing game of Chess? Read the full article here.