About Enrichment Chess

Enrichment Chess is dedicated to helping kids learn chess from the inside, out, and apply their strategies in a manner that promotes critical thinking and analysis. We promote an open environment that promotes diversity and celebrates learning.

All fall and spring classes are taught in school at your school, either before or after classes. Summer camps meet at several locations including Plano Sports Authority.




Every class is filled with engaging activities built off an original chess curriculum. Students are busy from start to end with lessons taught in small classes, strategy training, and full game practice against other students of comparable skill level and age.


Forward Thinking

While we do take the chess teaching aspect of the course very seriously, we always engage our students with different activities in order to diversify the class. Life-size chess is one activity our students love – it compels them to work in teams to strategize together using a chess board they can walk around, all while mentored by an Enrichment Chess teacher.


Problem Solvers

How exactly have we created a program that students walk away eager to come back again and their parents pleased with the knowledge they have gained? This happens because of the level of hands-on interactivity our students experience at every meeting; no class involves a full hour of oral lecture, nor a full hour of playing. We switch between instructor-led lessons in small and large groups, practicing a particular strategy with a partner, playing traditional chess games for a tournament, or changing up the game rules to keep it exciting.

Students and Parent Satisfaction

Enrichment Chess wants to make sure every student explore his or her full learning potential. Our approach with kids will make them engaged and interested in learning chess and participate in competitions. We have had thousands of happy students in our program. The majority of them come back for more sessions and each session there is more learning and challenges.